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Creating a Playlist in the SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 Player

I recently reviewed the SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 Player, and because I primarily use the player for working out, one of my immediate concerns was figuring out how to create various work out Playlists.

It was a little tricky determining the ins-and-outs of Playlists on the SanDisk Clip Zip, especially since the User Guide itself gives such little instruction. I did a lot of research via Professor Google, and found several forums and suggestions on the topic.

But I also did a lot of my own Trial-and-Error, and these are the two methods I found most reliable for creating a Playlist on the SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 Player:

Creating a Playlist via Windows Media Player 10 (Windows 7)

  • Drag desired songs from your Music library into the right Play window
  • Click “Save List” and name your Playlist
  • (alternative directions: click “Create Playlist” from top menu, name your playlist, then right click desired songs – one by one, select Add To, and chose your new Playlist from the menu. I just prefer dragging and dropping to all that right clicking.)
  • Your Playlist will appear in the menu on the left side of Windows Media Player
  • Click on the Sync tab in the right window and drag and drop the Playlist into it
  • Click “Start Sync”
Some notes about Playlists created via Windows Media Player:
  • Although Playlists created in Windows Media Player do show up on the player itself, for some reason they do not show up when looking at the Playlists folder from the SanDisk via ‘Computer’
  • Because they do not show up in the Playlists folder via ‘Compuer,’ they cannot be edited or deleted. In fact, when I tested this out by deleting ALL the music on my SanDisk Clip Zip, the name of the Playlist still showed up on the player, though the folder was empty. I also tried adding a song to an existing Playlist and attempting a “re-sync,” at Windows Media Player wouldn’t do it.
Now, there is an alternative to creating Playlists this way…

Creating a Playlist via ‘Computer’ (formerly ‘My Computer’) (Windows 7)

  • Open SanDisk Clip Zip via Computer
  • Either drag & drop, copy, or move desired songs into Playlists folder on SanDisk Clip Zip
  • Use Ctrl + click to select desired songs for playlist
  • When all the desired songs are highlighted, right click and choose “Create Playlist” from menu
  • Name your playlist
To Edit a Playlist via ‘Computer’ (Windows 7)
  • Open SanDisk Clip Zip via Computer
  • Open Playlists folder
  • Right click on Playlist you want to edit
  • Select Open from menu
  • Now you can change the order of the songs (“Shuffle” option is not available for Playlists within the SanDisk Clip Zip), delete songs, OR drag and drop a new song into the Playlist
Even though the Playlist feature has been a bit tricky for me to figure out, the SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 Player has been a handy little device, and I recommend it for anyone’s basic music needs. Hopefully the information I’ve provided here helps any new owners with enjoying their player to the fullest.
*Disclosure: I do not work for SanDisk and am not providing any professional technical support by posting this. I received a SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 Player for review through my involvement with Mom Central; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.
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  • Kevinbucknall

    Hi! I’m trying to create a playlist. After I have the MP3s in “Playlists” on the Clip Zip and I right-click I do get a large menu but NOT the option of “Create Play List”. Any suggestions?

    • Lee

      I have the same thing. I’m running XP and I think the “Create Playlist” is a Windows 7 and up feature. Which OS are you running?

  • Spikespead

    You can delete the playlist folder from the computer and it will delete the playlist from the player.  The player will create the playlist folder again automatically.

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