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Getting My Family Photos off the Hard Drive and into Print

I still remember the first time our family used a digital camera while on vacation. It was Spring Break 2005, and we took a week to explore the historic “Gold Country” in the California Sierra Nevadas.

angel's camp collage

2005, “Gold Country,” California. Our kids were so little then! And we didn’t even have our youngest yet.

Looking at those pictures brings back such good memories. Unfortunately, I have to get on my computer in order to look at these pictures. That’s right, I’ve never, ever created a scrapbook or frame collage of this trip.

After 7 years of using digital photography (and now mobile photography), I have thousands of pictures stored on my hard drive, thumb drives, CDs, and the cloud. And how many of those pictures have I actually printed, either for frames or albums? Maybe only 1%.

Which is such a shame, because our family loves flipping through our old photo albums. It’s a “together time” that it precious to me.

Earlier this year I resolved to start printing our photos instead of just letting them gather digital dust. Although I have several years’ worth of photos that I’ve never printed, I decided to start at a clear point and begin by printing my favorite Instagram photos, since that’s a service I use often to capture family memories the moment they happen. I did a little research and decided to use Blurb, a service that offers all sorts of photo book printing options, including one that works seamlessly with Instagram.

I’ve order three Instagram books from Blurb, cataloging our family’s memories from October 2010 (when I started Instagram) to now.

my instagram blurb books

I always go with the 30-page Instagram book with softcover and standard paper, which costs $19.95 plus shipping. I keep our books right on the living room bookshelves, where I can see them every day, and where people who visit often find them and start flipping through them. The paper is great, the quality of the photos is outstanding, and the binding is incredibly durable (I know – my 5yo looks through these books ALL the time, and not very gently!).

Because of the different layouts I’ve chosen, I now have about 200 photos printed, sitting on my living room bookshelf. 200! 200 photos not just trapped on my computer’s hard drive. I love it.

When you choose to make an Instagram book with Blurb, Blurb “automagically” populates the pages of a square book with your Instagram photos. From there, you can rearrange photos, change layouts, add text, backgrounds and borders, work on a cover design – there are tons of options for customizing an Instagram book from Blurb.

There are also several options for the amount of pages and the cover and paper type for an Instagram book. You can choose softcover or hardcover, 20 to 400+ pages, and standard, premium, or ProLine paper. A basic 20-page, softcover, standard paper book is just $10.95.

Why do I order Instagram books from Blurb?

I order Instagram books from Blurb because they’re easy to make, reasonably priced, fantastic quality, and I absolutely love having these photos at my fingertips.

How can you order an Instagram book from Blurb?

Just visit the Instagram page on Blurb and get started!

What if you don’t use Instagram, but still want to print a high-quality photo book with Blurb?

That’s just fine! Blurb offers many options for printing photos, including ones you upload from your own hard drive. And now through October 31, you can use the code FALL15OFFBOOK to get 15% off any Blurb book you make.


*Disclosure: I received a free credit from Blurb in order to make my latest Instagram book and share my experiences with you. But I have been a customer of their’s for a while now and have payed out-of-pocket for my other books (and will continue to) because I love their products and services. Though I have never received compensation from Blurb to write about them, the links included in this post are affiliate links. This is a company I believe in and happily choose to promote.

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  • Jen Lane

    This is why I love you. I had no idea something like this existed!! I do a photo a day challenge on Instagram and I would LOVE an album of my pics! Thanks for this!!! Ordering now!

  • Mothering From Scratch

    {Melinda} Oh, I SO need to do something like this! I am the worst at getting photos into albums or frames. The WORST! And I feel guilty about it all the time. Perhaps this will get me moving — especially if you can upload them from your own hard drive (I don’t use Instagram)! Thank you for sharing! :)

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