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Review: MG – the Portable Android Gaming Device for Kids

Is your child too young for a smartphone, but old enough to enjoy playing games, watching movies, and listening to music on a hand-held device? The new MG is a dedicated Android gaming device for kids – a perfect combination of digital education and entertainment, without the cost of phone service or a data plan.

Review: MG - the Portable Android Gaming Device for Kids

The MG has built-in WiFi which allows your child to connect to the Google Play app store, home to thousands of Android apps (many of them free!) like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, and more.

The MG also includes:

  • a 4-inch touchscreen,
  • front facing camera for pictures and video,
  • headphone jack,
  • 4G internal memory (expandable with built-in Micro SD slot),
  • and a slim pocket design

We have been very impressed with the MG – it does basically everything my older son’s iTouch can do, but at a much lower price point, and with some great family features. For instance, the Family Collaboration System sends me a weekly email detailing any app downloads, which apps have been played, and for how long. The Family Collaboration System also allows parents to set up a protected “digital wallet” for app purchases.

In the world of portable gaming for kids, the MG just makes a lot of sense to me. It’s less expensive than an iTouch or even a Gameboy or Nintendo DS, is not limited to a set amount of internal memory and does not require the extra purchase of expensive games to play. The MG is designed very similarly to a smartphone, which most kids know how to use these days, making it intuitive for kids to start playing right away. The few limitations I see so far is that the camera quality is not stellar, and the unit comes shipped without headphones or a charging cord. But…my 5yo does not use the MG for taking photos, and we have plenty of earbuds and charging cords from all of our other tech devices. We have also noticed that the battery drains quickly if apps are not closed correctly (similar to the iPhone, you can press down on the MG’s home button to see which apps are running in the background and close each accordingly).

Altogether, the MG is a very cool new gaming option for kids, and a great addition to education and entertainment for the digital generation.

The MG can now be purchased at and Amazon. To learn more about the MG, please visit:

NOTE: the original version of this post included a product giveaway.

*Disclosure: I received an MG to facilitate a review for a different website. We loved the unit so much that I approached the company asking if I could give one away on my own site. I have not received any compensation for either review or for hosting this giveaway. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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  • Kristin Holt Duncan

    Ooooh, I would love to win this for Jamey!

  • KIM H

    He doesnt yet. But will

  • Tanya White

    yes my son likes scramble (the game)

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