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3 Benefits To Letting Kids Shop Online

Dropping coins into a ceramic piggy bank used to be the way to encourage kids to save for that special toy, but in today’s digital world, kids not only have instant access to money, but to making purchases as well.

3 Benefits To Letting Kids Shop Online

I think parents can teach their kids some great lessons about saving and spending money while shopping online.

  1. Comparison shopping. It’s much harder with brick-and-mortar stores for kids to gather information on how a product’s price can vary from merchant to merchant. But online, it just takes the click of a mouse to compare prices for the same item across a variety of stores. Showing kids those immediate comparisons can teach them to do their research first, and plan to get the most value for their money.
  2. Coupons, discounts, and special online deals. Speaking of value, most kids today don’t clip coupons or keep an eye on a store’s circular ads. But being online, they can search for special coupons or discounts on items, or sign up for price alerts on a product they really want.
  3. Greater choices and more inventory. I know that when my kids have cash-in-hand at the store, they feel a certain immediacy in needing to purchase something right then. They don’t like to go home empty-handed! Or else they buy something they think they’ll like just because it’s the last one, and they’re not sure it will still be there if they wait to buy it. With online shopping, kids can find something that is just right for them, and they can “sleep on it,” knowing it will likely be in stock the next day.

All of these benefits to kids shopping online rely on parents helping to guide and advise them in managing their money wisely. One of the newest ways to help kids manage money online is the free financial service for families called Virtual Piggy.

virtual piggy logo

At Virtual Piggy, parents set up a child’s account, associate it with a preferred payment source (credit card or PayPal), and then distinguish any number of Parental Controls on the account, including:

  • amount of monthly allowance for online transactions,
  • spending limits per transaction,
  • spending limits per day or week,
  • limits on which participating online merchants may be visited,
  • limits on how much can be spent at parent-approved participating online merchants,
  • and more.
virtual piggy screen shot

During a parent’s enrollment at the site, children are given their own Virtual Piggy log in to access the money that is available to them to spend or give. From their Child Dashboard, children can then visit participating merchants, who each offer a “Click Here To Pay with Virtual Piggy” option when payment is required.

Pay with Virtual Piggy

Virtual Piggy is partnering with more and more online merchants every day to offer Virtual Piggy as a checkout method for kids. The 80 online merchants currently integrating Virtual Piggy as a payment method include K’nex, Stella, Playdin, and many more. Kids can also purchase gift cards from places like Aeropostale, Regal Cinemas, American Eagle, and more. Finally, with the Virtual Piggy Charity Choice card, kids can use their available funds through Virtual Piggy to donate to any one of 250 participating charities.

Now through January 15 when you sign up with Virtual Piggy, you can take advantage of their Member Value Program, which includes some fantastic deals and discounts from participating merchants, just in time for the holidays!

virtual piggy mvp

To learn more, please visit the Virtual Piggy website, or for news and updates, follow Virtual Piggy on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to know: How do you feel about allowing kids to shop online?

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Splash Creative Media on behalf of Virtual Piggy. All opinions are my own.


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