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My New Domestic Sidekick

Here’s what my 5yo son’s room looked like 2 weeks ago:

Eli's Room CollageNot. real. proud of that. I explained that my organizational tipping point has been our recent move into a house half the size of our old one. Whereas I had an entire game room dedicated to my son’s toys, now everything must fit in his bedroom, and things have gotten out of control.

This month we’ve been using the Brother P-Touch Label Maker to help us keep things organized, and I feel like I have a new domestic sidekick!

Brother PTouch Handheld Label Maker

Here’s the thing – the Brother P-Touch Label Maker isn’t going to magically keep your house clean for you. You still need to do the work. What a Brother P-Touch Label Maker does do is:

  • helps you identify spaces for specific items
  • encourages you to keep those specific items in those identified spaces
  • helps you see what you have more clearly, which means you’re more likely to use those items (and less likely to lose or re-purchase!)

Here’s my son’s room today:

eli's room clean collageIs it going to be this perfectly clean ALL the time? No. But…now that we’ve used the Brother P-Touch Label Maker to identify specific places for specific toys, it will be easier for my son to take responsibility in cleaning up, and we will all have more motivation to keep things organized.

toy bins with labels

While asking my daughter for some help during this process, she got super excited about the Brother P-Touch Label Maker. With all the options for text size, fancy borders, and more, I think she wanted to try labeling a little bit of everything. I had already used it to organize our medicine cabinet:

medicine cabinet with labels

…so then she started looking for other places to use the label maker, like the AV box we use to switch between the Wii, Roku, and DVD player on our TV:

av box with labels

Where will we use our Brother P-Touch Label Maker next? Who knows! But you can bet when we’re done with it, room by room our house will be more organized!

For more information on how you can get organized, visit the Brother P-Touch Facebook Page.

*Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.



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