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Our Extreme Yard Makeover

Our rental house sits on a large lot, and since we moved in last August, we knew the yards were going to be something of a challenge. Because of extensive shade and a steady covering of pine needles from overhanging trees, we have very little grass. Instead, the space is covered by a smattering of various plants, and lots and lots of weeds, saplings, and generally invasive growth.

We tried at first to do a little work at a time, tackling just the weeds, but we quickly realized the job was just too big for us. I’m beginning to learn a lesson in my middle-age years: whenever possible, outsource your weaknesses. Five or ten years ago, I would have been too proud to call in help for something we could *technically* do ourselves. I mean, we are all able-bodied, right? BUT…what we have in physical strength, we actually lack in time, and more importantly, interest. So, I made a phone call.

After some research on local yard care services, I called Jake’s Landscape Maintenance. Jake answered the phone himself, was very friendly, and scheduled a time to come do an estimate. In person, I found him to be very professional and eager to get to work. The price was more than fair, and soon he and his crew were at our house, beginning what I can only call a remarkable make-over of our front and back yards.

Take a look at the before and after photos!


Backyard Makeover Jake's Landscape Maintenance HillsboroFRONT YARD:

Front Yard Makeover Jake's Landscape Maintenance Hillsboro

There is still a bit of tweaking we want to do – for instance, we are trying to seed a tiny, hopeful patch of grass in our back yard, and we are still in the process of trimming some limbs on a tree back there. But we are so much more excited to spend time outside this summer! The kids have all sorts of plans for porch swings and patio furniture, and of course we need to clean up our fire pit and get some camp chairs out there for s’mores.

I’m curious: is there anything you have finally decided to outsource? Any chore or need you have where paying a professional has been totally worth it to you?

*Totally unnecessary non-disclosure disclosure: Because I do write sponsored posts on my blog, I want to clarify – Jake’s Landscape Maintenance did not ask me to post, and there was no hope or expectation that I would. I’m not even sure he knows I blog! I just wanted to share what’s been going on around here, and also mention his fantastic services.


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  • Jenn_FiveDollarShake

    Wow! That is awesome. I love your yard. What a great space, now that it’s cleaned up.

  • Anna Mae Horn

    fyi, hostas are very carefree and love the shade…however, they are somewhat invasive as well and hard to completely get rid of if don’t want them any more. Also, as far as flowering shrubs, azaleas and rhododendrons do well amongst pine needles. Your yard looks great, btw. and yes, some things are def worth outsourcing.

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