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Off the Diving Board

This year we spent 4th of July at a massive pool party with my husband’s family in Washington.

At first, I was mostly concerned with keeping an eye on my 5yo son, who cannot swim on his own. He quickly found some flotation devices (a lifejacket, and later a buoy suit) and was bold enough to want to jump into the deep end from the diving board.

I grabbed my camera and tried to chronicle his increasing confidence.

Eli jumping in water

The diving board turned out to be a pretty popular spot that day, and I decided to keep the lens trained on the crazy antics happening there.

I’m glad I did, too – I think I got some pretty fun shots!












I have three photos that tie for favorite: my brother-in-law’s exuberant “starfish” pose towards the camera, my nephew’s matrix-like hovering over the pool just before a belly flop, and the last photo – my daughter showing her super-cute zest for life.

When was the last time you launched yourself off a diving board?


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