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About Stacey


I am:

  • mostly introverted
  • mainly cerebral
  • linear-thinking
  • a great appreciator of sleep and solitude.

Which is why it makes almost no sense that I’m also a work-from-home social media professional (a 24/7 job that is anything but linear) and mother of five (three girls – 19, 17, 15 – and two boys – 12 and 6; no sleep and solitude to be had here!).

My life is about as crazy as it gets, and I love it.

My husband and I have been married 20 years and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We’ve lived in Oregon most of our married life, and are now in the Portland area after a 5-year stint in Houston, Texas. Did I also mention I’m dying to set down roots? This last move (summer of 2012) was our 15th move in the last 20 years. My life is a mass of contradictions.

I began blogging in December 2005 as a way to keep up with family, journal my thoughts, and hone my writing skills (I have a Bachelor’s degree in English). In 2007 I began working with companies on product reviews, giveaways, and spotlights on different cause campaigns. In 2011 I started teaching blogging workshops in my community and spoke at blogging conferences around the country. In 2012 I’ve had to scale back much of my social media work because of family responsibilities, but I’m gearing up for 2013 and am excited to see what the new year will bring!

Social media has grown into what I would call an obsession of mine.  I blog, I tweet, I Facebook, I Flickr, I subscribe to a dozen different tech news/latest trends newsletters, and even dozens more blogs.  I’m still beefing up my LinkedIn profile and contact list, I dabble in Foursquare and Pinterest.  It’s all a bit overwhelming, but it feeds my insatiable appetite to learn and create.

To get a better idea of my social media resume, visit a few links to the right (ie: Press, Online Affiliations) or visit my complete online portfolio,

Tree, Root, and Twig is mostly about what I call “life in a full nest.”  Being a mom of many – and especially across such a wide age range – provides intense challenges and rewards.  I blog about my busy life at home, share family stories and anecdotes, and publish pictures of our motley crew.  I’m also an avid reader and love to share my book reviews, and will continue to publish product reviews as I see fit.

I’m often asked the meaning behing my blog’s title, Tree, Root, and Twig.  It’s taken from Lord of the Rings, and it refers to the idea that everything – big AND small – is connected.  Even every tree, root, and twig.  I have a strong personal belief in that philosophy.

2011 Family Collage


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